Friday, March 6, 2015

Around the Horn: Favorite Baseball Memory

Kasey At The Bat

I have been to a ton of Minor League games as we have a team close by. They have always been SO much fun & I'm not sure that I could pick a favorite of those! My favorite game ( favorite 2 games) were the ones that I was able to watch my cousin play! The first game was my very FIRST Major League game and I was so PUMPED! My mom, best friend & I all went. My cousin, who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates, had our tickets at the Will Call Booth. We sat in amidst a sea of Red (Since we were rooting for the opposing team), but I proudly sported my YELLOW

The second game that we went to was on my Mom's birthday, and we actually got to see him pitch! Completely unexpected since he had pitched the night before. I remember my mom couldn't contain herself! After the game the ushers came and whisked us to "downstairs" so we could see him for 5 minutes. Behind the scenes of a ball game is insane. We were sitting with security, weren't allowed to take photos with him, etc, etc. The "red tape" is nuts,  but it was awesome to be able to chat with him for a few minutes. Here are a couple photos of him pitching! 




Life with Lolo said...

That is so awesome that your cousin plays for the Pirates! Now I get why you thought my P Hat comment was funny - because he's a P hat wearer! What a cool family thing to share!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

As a baseball purist, I love this post. Baseball is the most romantic of all sports. My favorite baseball memory was seeing Eric Davis hit a home run for the Reds in 1990 :)

Kasey At The Bat said...

now THAT is cool! I've met plenty of player's families + it's always so much fun to watch the games with them because they're WAY more excited than any casual fan! thanks for linking up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!