Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thankful Thursday

"And be done with the rest" because it is what it is. I want to be that woman who is thankful and content no matter what.:

Holy Smokes!

 Has it really been ALMOST a year since I've posted anything? Lots has happened in the last year. Lots & lots of travelling, getting married & all the craziness in between! I'll share all sorts of updates, but for now I thought I'd jump in & get my "feet" wet with a link up and a grateful heart!

1. I'm so thankful for this man! I may not show it or tell him often enough, but he's my best friend. My biggest supporter & now my Husband! It's still so awesome (weird) to be able to FINALLY say that! This has to be one of my favorite pictures from our wedding, even though they all are really fabulous!

2. Easy yet healthy dinners on crazy week nights. Okay, so i'm totally obsessed with Trader Joe's. Please tell me I'm not the only one. I love that I'm always greeted with top notch customer service when I'm shopping. Their products are fantastic, relatively cheap & healthy! What more can you ask for! This has to be one of my favorite meals ever! Mandarin orange chicken with TJ's cauliflower rice & barley. So delish!

3. So the husband & I went to our very FIRST concert TOGETHER last week! Boy was he in for a treat, witnessing me at a concert. Ha! We were randomly picked out of the crowd before the concert & asked if we wanted to meet Randy Houser! Heck yes! I never win anything, so I was super excited! Randy was so down to earth and so nice! He was so humble and so thankful for us coming out to see his show. This was our first time seeing him live, and we will definitely go see him again! He was INCREDIBLE! The radio definitely does not do him justice at all!

Happy Thursday, friends! Have a good one! & remember there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for! 


Mandie said...

I am thankful that you posted something! I have really missed reading stuff from you...even though I pretty much know all the happenings of your life. Tee hee! I hope to see many more posts from you! :)

jenn said...

that bit where you said i'm so thankful for this man... i love that. makes my heart happy when girls say that about their guys. i've known too many women who wouldn't or couldn't, and... well it makes me sad when people can't appreciate love. it's a beautiful thing. be gentle with it.