Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thankful Thursday

simply free spirits:

This week I am thankful for: 

  • Good news & answered prayers. Sometimes we wonder if the man upstairs is really listening or hearing our pleas, and today he showed us he is. Making sure you're always doing the right thing even if it's not always benefiting yourself will ALWAYS pay off. 
  • For getting to catch up with an old high school friend this upcoming weekend! She's going to come along with the hubby & I to her very FIRST rodeo! I'm excited to see her & to have a fun evening out! 
  • This BEAUTIFUL Kentucky weather! It's been 75 degrees with sunshine & blue skies today and supposed to be tomorrow! I hear though that this weekend it's going to be 45* and rain. Blah! So, i'm going to live in the moment until Saturday morning, when I'm sure I'll be complaining it's too cold! 
  • The hubby & I went out to dinner tonight & our waiter was new to the south. He was from NY & has only been here for 4 months, and was just blown away that "Southern Hospitality" was a REAL thing! When he found out my husband was a veteran, he gave us a discount & then turned & thanked him for his service! Such a breath of fresh air!
Happy Thursday! 

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Mandie said...

First of all, how did I miss reading this?!

Secondly, I love all of these things especially that waiter. What a good guy! There are good ones out there yet, that's for sure. :)