Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving Celebrations

Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope you have recovered from the holiday craziness! I believe I am still stuffed to the gourd from ALL of the delicious food! My goodness! With that being said, here's a little update on my Thanksgiving celebrations!

Thursday: I woke up and my mom & I watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. It's a tradition she started when I was little, and to this day it's no different. Except maybe then I was sipping juice & now it's lots & lots of coffee! We went to a friends & family Thanksgiving gathering hosted by one of our dear friends. She only has to mention that she's cooking once to all of us, and we're there! I believe we ate till we couldn't eat anymore. We sat around and told stories, watched Chrisley Knows Best & just relaxed with everyone. Don got to go out into the woods with her husband to check his trail camera and who knows, maybe see a deer or two :). Don was like a kid in a candy store! He was so excited! They saw some deer, played in the creek on 4 wheeler's  and put out some corn for the deer. When they came back they both looked like they were frozen! My contribution to dinner was to bring dessert. So, I attempted my first homemade pumpkin pie and it was a success! Seriously, I was SO proud of myself!

Friday: Don & I refused to brave the Black Friday crowds so we stayed at home. We watched movies, cleaned and drug out all of our Christmas decor! We didn't get the main tree up in the living room yet, however,  I put a small one up in our bedroom this year. I just love Christmas lights & adore falling asleep with them on. They just give the room a cozy, romantic glow! With all of our travels we try to collect an ornament for each place that we go. So, our tree is Travel themed! It's pretty cool to look at all of the ornaments hanging and reminisce on all of our adventures! 

Saturday: We attended Thanksgiving #2! Or, I guess you could say "Friendsgiving." We ate, sat on their front porch, got shot with Nerf guns (and can i say those hurt like a bitch!?), sipped a few drinks and played petting zoo with their pigs and cows! Did I mention that I LOVE cows!

All in all, it was a great holiday break! I hope you had a fantastic one as well!

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Mandie said...

Your pie looked delish! Yummy! I love your lil travel themed Christmas tree. :)