Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Currently: December

LETS DO THIS girls week joeys home!  knicks game BEYONCE  Christmas  New Years :):

I'm joining in for the first time with Anne & Kellie for the December edition of Currently....

Doing: Listening to Chris Stapleton radio on Pandora. Writing this blog. Chatting with my bestie, Mandie & working. Multi-tasking over here!

Enjoying: The bright sunshine today! It's been rainy & gloomy the past few days, which is so depressing! Also, watching my two puppies play in the backyard while I work from the kitchen table.

Cooking: Last night it was spaghetti. An easy recipe, yet a favorite of the hubby's! I'm still pondering on tonight's meal. Ha! Those who meal plan, I bow down to you! I can never stick to a plan! What I feel like earlier in the week is never what I want on the day i'm supposed to "cook" it.

Wrapping: Nothing! I haven't wrapped anything. However, we've decided to not really do gifts this year. I did buy the hubby something, so when it arrives, I do need to wrap it!

Playing: Online radio - Pandora


Mandie said...

Yup, you're chatting with me! Tee hee! Love it! :)

Anne said...

We finally got a little sunshine around here too - such a nice change from the gray skies. Thanks for linking up!

Amy @The Crazy Wise Woman said...

I absolutely love Chris Stapleton! I think that will be my next record purchase!