Friday, December 2, 2016

Local Eats, Nashville: Peg Leg Porker

Yesterday Don & I had to go to Nashville for business, which luckily for us is only about 3 1/2 hours away from home. I've only been to Nashville one other time and well, let's just say that it was for my birthday a few years ago and there was a lot of alcohol involved. Ha! We drove down yesterday morning, and after our meeting we were both starving! We haven't eaten all day, unless being fueled on Starbucks (me) and Kickstart (him) counts? With that being said, Don was on the search for a place to eat when he started chuckling in the car. I said, what? He said, we HAVE to go eat here. I said, okay, what is it?" He said, the name is Peg Leg Porker."

We are both spoiled on genuine BBQ, that we've had along the way on our travels through the heart of Texas. We are always disappointed when a place advertises that they have "top notch" BBQ, but in our eyes it never seems to live up to our expectations.

This joint was amazing! They opened up in 2013, and offer their own sauces, rubs & their own Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey. They have been featured by Paula Deen as Top 10 BBQ Joints in the US, by Eater as one of the 16 Hottest BBQ Joints in the country,  as well as featured on meany TV networks. They make their food fresh every single day and stay open until they run out of food.

The owner was diagnosed with Osteogenic Sarcoma (Bone cancer) in his right leg when he was 17 years old, and lost his leg due to the awful disease. Same cancer I had & same leg that I lost due to cancer as well. I immediately felt like I needed to meet this man. Unfortunately, he wasn't there when we were there visiting. I love his sense of humor and the brand that he has created.

The fun vibe and atmosphere is immediately felt when walking into this place. It has a very industrial feel with photos lining the walls of their family history. The witty sayings hanging, along with the staff's upbeat attitude is always a winner for me! I can only imagine how fun this place would be at night, or on a weekend!

Ok, now on to the good stuff. The food! We both ordered the sandwich plate which consisted of 1/4lb sandwich with two sides. We decided to each order different sides so we could try a bigger variety!

I ordered the smoked green beans and Mac & cheese. The green beans were seriously to die for. Don isn't a huge green bean fan, but he kept digging in for more. And let's just talk about the mac & cheese. It was SO creamy & cheesy and full of flavor! Now, the was incredible! We wanted to try it without sauce first, and it was so juicy and tender. It was packed full of flavor and the crunch and creaminess of the coleslaw was the perfect combination. 

Don ordered the potato salad and BBQ baked beans. Again, we have absolutely nothing bad to say about any of their food. The potato salad was made with red potatoes, which I love, and it was super creamy. It didn't have an overpowering flavor of any one ingredient, which we both liked! The beans were rocking! The perfect side to have with this sandwich! 

We are so excited to finally have found a BBQ joint east of the Mississippi that has held up to our expectations! If you haven't tried this place, you should definitely put it on your list of places to try. 


Mandie said...

Of course, you ordered mac & cheese. Tee hee! All of it looks good. Yum! :)

It would have been really cool if you were able to meet the owner.

Emily at 'a little bit of Emily' said...

Oh my goodness, that food looks delicious! Love the name, too!

Erin LFF said...

What a cool back story about the owner- and what a coincidence with you, too. I love that he made a business out of something so personal. Your food all looks DELICIOUS, and it's not even 8am over here- ha!