Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Currently: January 2017


Gathering: Clothes. I am striving this year to live more of a minimalist life and so this month I have been gathering clothes that the hubby & I no longer wear. So far, we've gotten rid of about 6 garbage bags of things! How is that even possible? It's amazing how "free" I feel after just getting rid of so much stuff! 

Making: Lots of healthy dinners this month! We have gotten back on the bandwagon of eating healthier and i can tell a huge difference on  how we are feeling. P.S. Cauliflower Rice has become my new obsession! 

Sipping: Lots & lots of water! Oh, and I've gotten on a tea kick. Tazo Organic Chai-Vanilla tea especially. 

Following:  a becoming minimalist page on Facebook. 

Resolving: to live a more organized life and strive to just be a better person.

What's going on with you currently? 

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Mandie said...

How can you be any better than you already are?! I don't think that is possible. <3

I love that you've been getting rid of stuff. I need to really get snapping as well. I did go through a kick a couple of weeks ago & got rid of a bunch of stuff but with being busy & sickness, I haven't gotten back to it.

Hall Around Texas said...

Nathan and I recently cleaned out our closets and between the two of us we had 5 trashbags to donate! It's amazing how quickly things can pile up.