Tuesday, February 21, 2017

President's Day Adventure

Since we were off on President's Day & the hubby is fairly new to Kentucky, I thought we should go on a little President's Day themed KY adventure.

The weather was a beautiful 70* with bright blue skies, so we took off on a little drive that ended with us at Lincoln Homestead State Park. I stumbled upon this park a few years ago but never really took the time to really browse around. It's quite small, yet packed full of history.

THE LINCOLN CABIN The Lincoln Cabin is a replica of the log home in which President Lincoln’s grandmother, Bersheba, lived and raised her three sons Mordecai, Josiah, and Thomas and her two daughters Mary and Nancy.  The widow Lincoln brought her children to Beech Fork several months after the death of her husband, Captain Abraham Lincoln, who was killed by Indians at their Long Run Farm in Jefferson County.  Thomas Lincoln, father of the President, lived here until he was 25 years old.  The cabin is furnished in pioneer style.  Several pieces of furniture made by Thomas Lincoln are preserved here, including a corner cupboard.  The bed is also thought to have been made by Thomas.

THE FRANCIS BERRY HOUSE The large, two‐story log home of Francis Berry is original and was moved to the park from the Beechland section about a mile away.  The Berry house was closely associated with the Lincoln family.  Richard Berry, Sr., a native of Virginia, moved to Kentucky about 1785.  His wife Rachel Shipley was the sister of Lucy Shipley, who married a Hanks.  Lucy Shipley was the mother of Nancy Hanks, who became the wife of Thomas Lincoln.  Nancy lived with Richard and Rachel Berry until Rachel died.  She then moved to the Berry house on Beech Fork to live in this home when she was courted by Thomas Lincoln.  Thomas is said to have proposed to Nancy in the living room before the fireplace.  This home is furnished with pioneer relics of the Lincoln era.

After we walked around the park we ventured on into town before heading home. We stumbled upon this statue that took us about 3 drives around the block to get a decent picture of, because the stop light just wouldn't stay RED!

If you're ever in Springfield, KY you should definitely take a stop at this park. I definitely would love to go back when they're open to browse through the homes and the museum. For now, it was a fun way to spend President's Day and enjoy a little Kentucky Scenery. 

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Audrey Louise said...

I love history. It always blows my mind when a family of six people live in one small room. CRAZY. Then again, they probably spent a lot of time outside- at least in the summer.
This looks like a really neat park to explore!

Mandie said...

Wow, I feel like I just attended a history class. :) What a nice way to spend President's Day.