Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thankful Thursday

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This week I have found myself worrying over little things and stressing about things that I really can't control. Ya know, just life in general. I was reminded that things can always be much, much worse. So, we all should be thankful each and every single day. I know that some days I have to dig really deep to think of one thing & others I'm overflowing with gratitude. 

1). This beautiful Kentucky weather! It has been in the 70's ALL week and literally has me itching for spring time to get here quickly! The hubby and I have taken FULL advantage of it by grilling out, playing outside with the dogs and taking long country drives! It's amazing what sunshine and warm weather does for your soul. 

2). Friends! I spent last weekend having a girls night with some friends & the next day we got invited to hang out with a couple that we're friends with. We ate lunch, did some shopping & then went back and hung out at their house. It was definitely a nice break from the monotony. 

3). Happy Mail! I got a card from a friend,  A letter in the mail & a package for a Blog Gift Exchange I participated in all this week!! I forget sometimes how much a handwritten letter or card can brighten up my day! 

What are you thankful for this week? 


Mandie said...

All of those things are wonderful things to be thankful for...I wish I had some 70* weather right about now! :\

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

So jealous of the 70 degree weather! We had a few nice sunny tease days and then it's just been gray and rainy for daaaays since.

Emily said...

Enjoy the weather! Glad you got your package. :) Hope you enjoyed! I had a lot of fun putting it together.