Thursday, October 16, 2008

Aye Aye Captain

Captain Morgan, aye aye Captain! Spiced are you, just how spicy can you be? I like a little spice in my life, could you add to it!? Rum I'm saying, Rum....making my thoughts a little disoriented, blurry sights, ahh but the lovely possibilities and dreams rushing through!

Captain, you wear a patch over thy eye? Maybe you're a pirate, like Pirates of the Carribbean, Johnny Depp, he's hott, yes I'll take that. One for every day of the week! :). Oh wait, leave room for the hot fireman, he can put out the fires, that aye aye Captain may ignite! :).

Fabulous idea, entereing the Liquor Store this grand evening. Never did I realize, i'd be dreaming of Johnny Depp. Maybe I shall do this more often. Fireman suggested you, recommended I shall say. Spiced Rum...Yes he knew what I needed in my life, although he sure adds enough spice! I think he just wanted a fire to put out....oh there's one ignited .

Off to salute you Aye Aye Captain! There seems to be a drought in my glass....can't have that now can we? Off on another voyage....

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