Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Day

We were hit with a lovely snow storm a couple weekends ago, although nothing like what the east coast has at the moment. About 6 inches blanketed my sights, everywhere I turned and it was quickly determined to make the most out of it! Below are some pictures of the fun that was had:

That's my boyfriend attempting his skills at "snow boarding", and I have to admit he's pretty darn good! Myself, I would have been flat on my butt in NO seconds flat!

This is me after sledding down the hill! The look on my face, says it all! SOOO much fun!!

Now all that was needed was some Hot Cocoa with Extra Marshmallows. Yes Please!

1 comment:

chelsea rebecca said...

these are such cute photos!!
is he snowboarding on a sled!?! so dangerous! i love it!!
and i'm so jealous of all your snow!! when TN gets half an inch it's a party.. but this OH, so BEAUTIFUL!!

hot cocoa + marshmallows = perfection!!

{i was waiting for an update!! ha!}