Sunday, April 4, 2010

7 am on a Saturday?? Yikes

I love sleeping in on the weekends! It's my guilty pleasure! Yesterday, I was awoken at 7 am! On a Saturday!! J telling me to get dressed and out the door we must go, we had things to do! After some muttering under my breath and trying to get dressed while still half incoherent out the door we went! After a Starbucks and an Amp Energy Drink I was feeling much more like a human being than a zombie! (Did I mention I'm not a morning person?)

Now I must say I was NO fashion statement that's for sure!
Ball Cap ( I Love Corona)
Tennis Shoes

Hey, at least I was comfy!

We went and ran errands, loading up pop cans to take to the recycling center. Then back to his house for the next load of scrap metal and steel. The ratchet straps were put on just in time, as the skies opened up and the rain started pouring down on us! I love a good spring shower!

Next ~ was working on business cards and flyers for his new lawn service he's starting up! A couple hours later out the door we were again, driving around hanging them up everywhere possible we could think of! After we were finished we came back to my place and took a little siesta! We were both pooped!

We then ended our evening having a picnic at the park over looking the lake!

Our subway half devoured before I remembered to take a picture!

The sunset! Isn't it gorgeous?
The view of the lake! I just love it here! It's so peaceful :)

Getting up at 7 am was pretty enjoyable!

How was your weekend?
Did you do anything exciting?

Happy Easter!!


Anonymous said...

So nice pictures! 7 am on a saturday is CRAZY to think about..

Iva said...

yum subway!!