Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

I had a doctors appointment yesterday morning. On a Monday. A dreaded one at that. Wait, are any of them ever ones you look forward to? No, not really.


Afterward I treated myself to my favorite guilty pleasure!


A Grande Nonfat White Mocha. Yumm. My favorite!
( I just loved this picture, had to share).

What is your guilty pleasure?
Have a terrific Tuesday!


chelsea rebecca said...

WHITE MOCHAS are my fave! auch a guilty pleasure!
they are my favorite drink in the winter time but i really need to try it iced for summer!!

Sara said...

i've never had a white mocha, but it sounds delicious....good thing i have a bd coupon from starbucks for a free drink :)

ticklishfromadistance said...

Iced tea at Dean and Deluca. Nuts.

Elizabeth said...

Watching whole seasons of TV shows on DVD...in a day :)

Kelly said...

i definitely treat myself to starbucks, manicures, dates with friends, and shopping! it just depends on the week :)

i'm all for indulging in the small things!! especially if it is well deserved like a doctor's appointment!!

maria said...

looove starbucks with all my heart, we have here (that i have not seen them when i went to america) "passion shaken iced tea"... they probably have them there but i was sooo focused on the double shot cans you guys have becaue we dont have them here... anyway, starbucks is definetly my guilty pleasure too....
yyyyaaayyyy for shearing birthdays!!!!!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

ooh i just had a Grande Mocha latte...the white chocolate version is so good too!!! yummm Starbucks.
xoxo alison

Micaela said...

starbucks-- YUM! soy and no whip cream mochas! delish. extra shot of expresso.

my guilty pleasure of late is AMERICAN IDOL. totally! lol

thank you sooo much for entering my giveaway! shinedown- what great lyrics you left me xoxo

ps. i hope the dr.'s appointment (on a monday?! ick) was okay btw!

Chelsea said...

my favorite starbucks treat is either an iced passion tea with lemonade or a double chocolate frappucino with mint! mmmmm

hip chick said...

Oh that does sound good. I can't drink coffee very often anymore because it disagrees with my tummy. I let myself get one once every week and a half or so...I think this is what I will get next time.

jules said...

Oh man, we have a starbucks on campus, and i go so much! I loove the white mochas