Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rocking Old School

I just love getting great deals! I guess you could say that I'm a bargain shopper, absolutely nothing wrong with that in this day and time!

Tonight my mom and I spent the evening shopping! We went out on a mission to find some summer sandals, but with no such luck we ventured out into other stores!

I just can't wait to drink my coffee out of this each morning! How lovely is this! (eeeek!!)

And then I popped around the corner and found these! Flavored coffee! I'm a sucker for coffee, the way the smell lingers down the aisle just makes me feel all cozy inside! I couldn't resist once I saw the flavors! Chocolate Chip Cookie & Coffee Cake, yum! Trying to decide which one I must try in the morning! Any suggestions?

I found these great party dip mixes as well! They serve 8-10 people and only cost $1.99! All you do is either add cream cheese or sour cream how easy! And the are gluten free and all natural! Woot! They definitely sound like a great staple for a summer party!

Last but not least, I found two old school album's that I used to adore but somehow lost over time! They bring back great memories of when I was a young child! My mom and I driving on road trips, in the summer with the windows down pretending our fists were the microphone and singing our hearts away!

Madonna ~ The Immaculate Collection & Michael Bolton ~ Time, Love & Tenderness!

Yes! I'm rocking out to "Like A Prayer" right now, anyone else love that song!?

Our dinner was this: Chicken Fajita Nachos!
I refrained from the margarita, but oh I wanted one! I blew my eating healthy right out the window with this plate of nachos, I didn't need any other help :).

Do you like Mexican Food?
What's your favorite type of "International Cuisine"?
How was your Thursday Evening?


bananas. said...

i need that coffee mug! except mine will say princess because that's what my grandpa calls me.

OMG i just realized how annoying that sounded.

love mexican food!

chelsea rebecca said...

those nachos look yummy!!
such delicious foods you picked up!!
and that mug is too cute!

Kjrsten said...

what a great day! i love shopping with my mom!

hope you find your summer sandals!