Thursday, May 20, 2010

Alvin the Chipmunk

You ever have one of those days? Where on your lunch break you take off running to your car, for an hour of silence. Your lunch sits in the refrigerator back at work and you decide today is a day that you'll treat yourself to some tasty goodness! That was my day. Not to mention it was the first day that it wasn't raining and the sun was shining bright, even more reason to spend it outside!

Where did I treat myself for lunch? No other place than...SONIC! Sometimes you just need a little bit of Sonic in your life to brighten your day!

Oh ALL the choices to pick from! Which one to choose? Hmm....

~Cherry Sprite & Grilled Chicken Wrap for me, Please!~

And look who was sitting on the rocks in front of my car, just being his cute little self!
Do you see him? He's so tiny, it's kinda hard too. It's none other than "Alvin the Chipmunk". Isn't he adorable!

Lunch = relaxing & scrumptious


Nicole said...

How adorable!

I so wish I had a Sonics nearby! I grew up on that stuff in New Mexico!

On my lunch break I like going to this parking lot that overlooks the city & beach, the only thing I can see through the LA smog is a man in his daisy dukes working on his car!! I kid you not! lol Ewww.

chelsea rebecca said...

ohhh i love sonic!!
happy hour is my fave because i justify getting a giant drink!!

Niki @ Ambitious Gurl said...

I love sonic! I made hubs go buy me a sonic blast on sunday! LOL