Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Simple Photos

A simple picture post.

My latest canvas that I painted tonight! Definitely my favorite!!

My new hair cut and color! I'm loving it! Oh yeah, and my new glasses. Had to wear them all last week because I was having major contacts issues! All better now though! J & I at the Mexican restaurant this past weekend.
~Lemon Love~

J welding, making something for his momma! Cool picture I thought!

How is your week going so far? Any exciting plans?

I cleaned out my closet tonight, or well started and already have 3 bags full of clothes (just shirts)! I still have the dresser and to sort through my pants/jeans/dresses. Yikes!


Niki @ Ambitious Gurl said...

That canvas is so pretty! I love your hair! :)

Not much planned since I am having my left side wisdom teeth removed on friday. I am hoping that I am not a total zombie since I don't have much longer to spend time with the hubs.

Elise said...

looks like fun!! thanks for the reminder to clean out my closets and drawers, too! i'm long overdue. :)

chelsea rebecca said...

LOVE your new hair and color!! too cute!
and that painting is seriously the best! so awesome!

bananas. said...

your canvas art is BEAUTIOUS!!! oh my goodness i wish i had your talent...my house would be covered in canvas work. it's so pretty!

emilia. said...

oh nice i like the canvas. :)