Monday, May 10, 2010

Two Things I Know

I just love it when I happen upon a new blog that just makes me smile! Especially on a Monday Morning, even better! With that being said, I found this blog! You must go check it out! I thought I'd participate in her "Two Things I Know. You should partake as well!

1. I know should...
start packing my things! When we finally find an apartment, I wont have to have a "Freak out" moment that I have so many things to pack and organize.

2. I know I am..
.the best person that I know I can possibly be. That I live life to the fullest and love with all of my heart. That in the end, makes me happy!

Can't wait to see your answers!


chelsea rebecca said...

i love finding new blogs!

and i definitely always pack at the very last second too!!

Cole said...

I love your Two Things I Know-number 2 especially, but I'm definitely a late packer.
Thanks so much for playing along!

Mara said...

I am the worst packer too! It takes me FOREVER