Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dear Boyfriend....

Dear Boyfriend,

Last night I tried super hard to stay awake and wait on you to come home. The tiredness won. I love that you woke me up by kissing me on my forehead to tell me you were home. You know how much I love forehead kisses! They make me melt!

I remember you waking me up and pulling me closer to you. Telling me to come closer as we snuggled up under the blankets. I just love falling asleep next to you! It’s simply bliss! I promise to never take it for granted, ever! Even when you hog the blankets. And my pillows too! Or somehow end up all the way on my side of the bed leaving me a smidgen of room to curl up in! I’ll still cherish laying there beside you!

This morning you looked super sleepy, having worked 15 hour day yesterday. I just wanted to stay snuggled up in bed with you and sleep until our heart was content. I saw that you had your famous Cheesy Rice for dinner last night. I forgive you for leaving the rice stuck to the bowl in the sink. I washed it out for you before I left for work! I know that you were super tired. It had to be one am before you came to bed.

Tonight we are having snuggle fest! I can’t wait! Movie & pizza night, per your request! Time not spent with you sure does make me appreciate the times we actually do get to spend with each other! You seriously rock! And I love you more than Cheese! (Hey, you know that’s a lot).


Love your CheeseBall
(That nickname is never going to go away, is it? Its okay, I secretly love it! )


chelsea rebecca said...

aw this is too cute!
i love snuggle fests!
and waking up to your boyfriend kissing you is kind of perfection!!
you guys are way adorable!

Elle Sees said...


Amy said...

Thanks for following me, I am going to follow you back!

Sounds like you really have a sweet and loving relationship. :)

Elise said...

so sweet! forehead kisses are the best! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting and following my blog - I'm here returning the same. Can't have too many blogging buddies. I know you'll be having a great weekend. Smiles.


house 09 said...

how sweet! lovely sunday to you :)