Monday, June 21, 2010

Dear Lover...

Dear Lover,

Saturday night we were preparing to go out on a date! Wahooo! I love our date nights :). You took forever, coming down the stairs every 5 minutes with a different shirt on. Making me pick which one I liked best. It was kinda cute, I'll have to admit! :)

Before getting in the shower I witnessed you running around the house “clearing out the bad guys with your gun”. Only problem was, there was no one in the house but me (dying laughing), you and the kitties! I love that you’re such a big kid sometimes! Promise me you’ll always stay that way! It makes my heart smile!

The incident in the grocery store with the cantaloupe was so freakin’ hilarious! I’m sure your dad punk’d us by telling us to smell the stem of the cantaloupe to know which one to choose. I wonder what the security camera “watchers” were thinking of us? Giggling and laughing so hard tears were streaming down our faces.

I love our silly moments! Let’s make sure that we have millions more!

Btw: you’re a great cantaloupe sniffer! ;).

Your partner in crime

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