Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Food Wars

Sounds fun doesn’t it? We sure have one going on in our house!

See, J & I were raised completely different. We eat completely different, or so I’m learning. He eats things loaded in fat, grease, sodium, etc and I eat the complete opposite.

I don’t eat salt – J loves it and puts it on everything
I don’t eat a lot of grease – J loves it
I don’t eat a lot of red meat. – That’s all J lives on.
I cook with lots of veggies. - He doesn't eat alot of them
Love olive oil. - Hates it.
Hummus. - He hates it
Yogurt. - He hates it.
Fresh Fruit. - He eats it occasionally.
Love raw veggies. - He's not a fan
Eat ground turkey. - He doesn't like
Eat whole wheat pasta. - He eats this. I just sneak it in :). Ha!
Eat egg whites. - He can't stand.
Etc. Etc.

J is the complete opposite. He eats all the things that I hate to touch. And honestly since changing my diet, they make me sick if I try to eat them. Trying to grocery shop for the two of us is becoming ungodly expensive and very challenging. And sometimes just quite comical as J looks at me in the grocery store as in what the hell is that?

I’ve cooked two dinners that we’re pretty “normal” or so I thought and J hasn’t liked either one of them. It’s becoming quite frustrating. He’d live off of Hamburger Helper, Rice a Roni, Hot Pockets, and Frozen Totinos pizza if he could. Or I’d let him. But I like for us to both sit down and eat a dinner together. It’s becoming more of a challenge than I had originally thought. I really hate to have to cook two separate meals; one for myself and one for him. When I come home cooking one meal is enough, let alone having to cook two.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Are any of you completely opposite eaters from your spouse? If so, how do you overcome it?

*Just venting is all* :). I'm smart enough to know not to fight over food. How stupid would that be? (Just saying because someone that I talked to about this earlier thought I was picking fights over this).


Sara said...

I know exactly how you feel...that's how it is for me when I go home! Usually I try to eat whatever they want for dinner and I eat fresh stuff that I like the rest of the day. Other times (like when its H Helper night) I have a little bit of that and then have a huge salad and lots of fruit on the side.

Maybe ya'll could split the week in half - half of the dinners be your kinda food, other half = boy's kinda food. Hope it works out!

Nicole said...

Thats a toughie! The BF changed his eating when I changed mine. Basically if he doesnt have to cook he is as happy as a clam! He will eat anything. How about go shopping seperately and cook seperately...I am sure that will get old real fast for your honey and he will eat what you make =D and there are plenty of ways to keep it healthy without sacrificing taste =D Hope you two find a compromise!

Cranberry Morning said...

I think both of the other comments are great ideas! We have a son who likes Mac'n'Cheese, pizza, and hot dogs and turns up his nose at almost all real food, which is all I ever make (he has to make his own junkfood!) I'm thinking that someday when he gets married, his wife will have the same problem you're having. :-(

chelsea rebecca said...

its funny because you are completely healthy and j it appears, is not! hahaha. men never eat healthy! whenever i'm with my guy friends they always want to eat fast food.. boo.
i have no idea how to fix this! once you find out though you must share! haha. GOOD LUCK!

Kimbirdy said...

yeah, this can be really frustrating. my fiance and i have a lot of different dietary needs. we basically came to the conclusion that eating at the same time is more important than eating the same thing. so we each make our own food, whatever each of us likes/needs. that means we each buy our own food still too. it works out really well for us. if he doesn't want to eat food you make, then he should be able to just make his own. it may feel different than how previous generations did things, but i say do whatever makes the most sense for you guys.

Amber @ Paint Chips and Frying Pans said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for the follow. I am following you back. :)


Hollie said...

my fiance and I are complete opposites.. and while sometimes it's raelly annoying, I'd rather him be honest and state his true feelings than agree with everything I do/say.