Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Goofy Poofy

What were we smoking last night!? We were total goofballs, and I loved every single second of it!

  • Showing me the trick Little Kitty does if you feed her tuna
  • Me attempting to play “Air Banjo” with all the sound effects! Yes, it was classic!
  • Tickle wars
  • Wrestling wars
  • You taking a “Heartburn” pill that you accidentally chewed up. All the while making some Alien Faces at the disgusting after taste it left in your mouth.
  • Then you took a swig of Soda and your mouth foamed up, ha! You had chipmunk cheeks!
  • Sucking all the juice off the Dill Pickle
  • Rocking out in bed. I - headbanging to my iPod. You - said you were getting motion sickness from your book bouncing around. Lights off. Damn it!
  • Cuddle up and fall asleep!

Perfect night!


Kimbirdy said...

haha! you guys are fun. :)

ladaisi said...

An example of one those perfect, unexplainable, oddly liberating evenings.

Happiness itself.

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