Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Head Banging

I woke up this morning to J asking me if I was going to work today. If so, I needed to get my ass in gear and get going! I then get a text from my boss telling me to stay put, as every school in this state has been called off. I look outside, and there’s nothing. She said she would go ahead and head in, as she only lives 10 minutes away from work, and I live 45. Ick! Well sure enough, I get another text at 8:30 saying, stay home. It’s pouring the snow and a complete mess, she said!

Rock on! I ate a bowl of cereal, watched some of the Today Show, snuggled with my cat and passed back out! It’s funny I always have been one that is NOT a morning person, whatsoever. If I have time to do my own thing and get going, I’m okay. But if I’m rushed and have to be somewhere at a particular time, forget it. This morning was so peaceful. The house was quiet and dark. I Hate lights. J doesn’t understand this. I love sitting in the dark. LOVE it. He turns every light on in the house, it’s lit up like Fort Knox. It drives me batty! Anywho, that’s beside the point. I was able to “nap” for a couple hours which was lovely! Although, I’m sure that I will have trouble getting to sleep tonight.

I have had my cup of coffee. Put away the laundry. Put the dishes up. Set out what we are having for dinner tonight. And straightened up the house. Now I’m taking the rest of the day for ME! The snow has just started here, big fat snowflakes! However, it’s not really sticking or making anything a disaster, yet. They are calling for up to 5 inches by morning. Anyone that knows anyone in the south, knows that 5 inches will paralyze us! Ha! I know you northerners are laughing!

Last night J was a grouchy ass, so he hibernated in the man cave. I spent a couple hours jamming to tunes on my iPod and painting.

P.S. Don’t try and head bang to the music while painting. It makes your paintbrush go crazy! Haha!


Sara said...

This snow in the south is crazy! They just called off school AGAIN tomorrow! :) I'm sort of bored, but I'd rather be home than at school. Stay warm! And I hope you don't have to drive out there any time soon!!

Kimbirdy said...

woohoo! that's awesome. my mom lives in TN and sent me a photo of her 7 inches. our family is originally from wisconsin, so we all giggle at southerners who get scared of the snow, like her boss who was afraid for anyone to drive into work. so now she gets to have a free day too!

i hope you have the best time on your unplanned mini vacation. :)