Saturday, January 8, 2011

Waking Up

I woke up this morning to about 4 inches of snow blanketing the ground. It's beautiful. However, it dampens my plans of going out today and running errands. Yes, I am the one that REFUSES to drive in snow! Not doing it! Now here I am drinking coffee, doing a load of laundry, and staring at the kitchen which needs to be swept and mopped. It never ends! Oh yes, and the Christmas tree needs to FINALLY come down too.

It was weird falling asleep without J here last night, knowing that he won't be back till Sunday. A strange feeling, and one that makes me appreciate him that much more when he is here. I missed his warmth lying next to me. How he roots around and steals the covers and jacks my pillows, as he just simply is trying to get closer to me. He will be here soon enough, it's just weird not having him here.

He took my camera with him on his camping trip, so no going out and taking pictures of the snow! I hope he took some beautiful ones up in the mountains and woods. I wonder how that's going? Apparently it came a "small blizzard" aka: Kentucky Style where they are camping at, so it shall be interesting to hear the stories. J was going to practice the "Falling in creek" method today, and attempting to start a fire to get warm before you froze. He was just going to roll around in the snow, with nothing on but his boxers, but yikes! That just chills me to the bone even thinking about it.

Last night I ate dinner, chatted with J's niece on Facebook for about an hour, took a 45 minute bubble bath (pure bliss), gave myself a facial, and fell asleep in bed reading with my two cats snuggled up with me.

All in all, a pretty peaceful night.

Now, I better get this show on the road...

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ladaisi said...

We have much in common.

Driving in snow terrifies me. (As does driving in mud, but that's a whole different story). Don't feel alone in that.

Also. . . Tim (my husband) lives in SC four or five days out of the week while I'm in GA. He's only here on weekends so I get the whole dawning realization that you are alone and . . . what to do at night?

Hope you have a happy tomorrow when J gets back!

- Lauren