Monday, March 21, 2011


Hello there! It’s a beautiful Monday here in Kentucky! The sun is peering through the overcast of clouds with the warmth of the air just wrapped around you. Oh my, it’s so glorious outside! In the upper 70’s today, yes please! First day of spring has proven to be quite lovely, wouldn’t you say?

I sit here at my desk hearing only my fingers tap against the keys of this keyboard and the sounds of birds chirping outside. The branches on the trees are swaying back and forth with the occasional rustle of the leaves still left from winter.

My mind needs to be somewhere else today, so I let it soak in the little bit of nature that surrounds this office building. My soul feels it needs to breathe, not have the life sucked out of it by this office. The feeling of fresh air renews itself.

Focusing on the small things that surround me is all I need to get through this day.


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