Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dear Leg

This morning I couldn’t get my prosthetic leg on to save my life! So, here’s my letter :

Dear Leg:

Why did you have to give me trouble this morning? I even took a hot bath last night equipped with bath salts and bubbles to relax you, I know that you were sore. Trust me, you have been giving me fits for the past couple days. Seriously, did you not want me to walk today? I guess you found it very amusing that I was hopping around like a bunny rabbit in the bedroom trying to get you to go on. Damn you! Hippity Hop, is that what you were singing? It wasn’t funny, I finally got you “locked” in place. Ha! Now, what must you say about that? I’m expecting you to be on your best behavior for the rest of the week. Don’t do that to me when I’m in a time crunch to get to work. I can just hear my excuse for not coming in now: I’m sorry I can’t come into work today, I can’t get my leg on. I wonder how many people can use that as an excuse?

Love dearly,


1 comment:

Kimbirdy said...

oh no! what an ornery leg. although, if you can get away with the "i couldn't get my leg on" excuse, you should totally use it whenever you want! no one would argue with you. :)