Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Well, hello there! I’m enjoying some quiet time in my office before my boss comes back from lunch. I just had an insane craving for Ginger ale. Oh no, not just any Ginger ale. I want the locally made Ginger ale that I had in Portland, Oregon last year. My, it was so delicious. Ah well, I can’t have any since I’m in Kentucky not Oregon, so life will continue on. Ha!

What shall I write? How about last night I ran around like a crazy woman. I am not a fan of incredibly busy week nights. I enjoy being able to come home and have some relaxation time, not run, run, run, sleep. Nope, that is definitely not my ideal evening. However, I did get quite a bit of items accomplished and crossed off my to-do list, which makes me feel pretty darn great!

Oh, I went to the grocery last night. Can I just say that I’m completely appalled at how grocery prices have jumped in simply a week? There are items that jumped an entire dollar, that’s absurd! How do they think that families and individuals are supposed to survive on increasing gas/grocery prices? I’m definitely growing my container garden this year, yep! All the free produce I can get will definitely help! Enough of my griping...

I have two Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies sitting on my desk eyeing me....

Ah, this could be dangerous!

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