Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day #2/30 - Things I'm Good At


Happy Rainy Thursday! It's gloomy and dreary here today, how's the weather in your neck of the woods?

Today is Day #2 of 30 days of lists.

Things I’m Good At:

  • Reading people. I have been told I have a great sense of judgment with people
  • Documenting my life in pictures. Although, I’ve been slacking on this lately!
  • Enjoying my morning cup of coffee
  • Loving my friends and family.
  • Being indecisive
  • Appreciating the small joys in life
  • Enjoying alone time
  • Rocking out in my car to music

I found this one to be difficult. Isn't it funny how we always have a hard time picking things out about ourselves that are good, instead of negative. Have a Happy Thursday!


1 comment:

Kimbirdy said...

rocking out in your car! that's awesome. and appreciating the small joys in life is such an important thing to be good at. :)

oh, and the weather here is sunny and hot. definitely a nice change from those years living in san francisco!