Friday, March 11, 2011

List of the Day #3

Happy Friday!! Today is Day #3 of Lists. I’m finding this project to be a lot of fun!

Day # 3 prompt is:

I Am Looking Forward To:
  • Date night with J
  • The Weekend
  • Summertime
  • Spending many days at the lake.
  • Photographing the sunset
  • Days spent fishing with J
  • Random Road Trips
  • Sleeping with the windows open
  • Summertime Grilling
  • Finish decorating at home.
  • Helping J mow hay, as I ride on the finder wheel of the tractor :)
  • Growing my 1st herb garden

Oh, I could keep going! But this is definitely a start! :). Dreams of the future are what keep me going..

What are you looking forward to?

1 comment:

Kimbirdy said...

this is such a great list and it makes me yearn for summer even more! the lake? grilling? road trips? an herb garden? yes please! :)