Thursday, March 17, 2011

Love & Hope


Yesterday I was reading the coverage on what was going on in Japan, and my heart was simply breaking. I've been keeping up with it daily, but the sadness never goes away while reading such tragedy. I wanted to help. Although, how would I? A monetary donation, even if it was small would be a help to them. I'm sure that they would be grateful for anything that they could receive right now.

I was sitting at my desk debating on going out for lunch, when it hit me. How about I use the money that I would spend for lunch and donate it to relief efforts in Japan. So, that's exactly what I did! Even something small can help!

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Kimbirdy said...

yes! i did something similar. i was going to go out for coffee today, but decided to give the $5 to the recovery for japan. it's so easy for me to think that i'm too poor to do anything financially, but i make exceptions for food here and there, which i don't really need. thanks for posting about this!