Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Last night I decided that I needed a night for myself. A lot of times I get caught up in doing things for others that I get lost in the shuffle. Yesterday, I was feeling drained and exhausted and I knew that I needed to rejuvenate my mind & body.

I jetted home to spend some time with J before he went off to work, boy he was grouchy. He definitely doesn't like working the graveyard shift, that's for sure. After he left, I ran out and picked up some take out for dinner. I definitely didn't feel like cooking. I rented a movie, "Morning Glory", which was super cute! I curled up on the couch, and popped in the movie while I ate my dinner.

I turned my phone on silent as well, the peace and quiet was definitely welcomed. After the movie was over, I went upstairs and ran a hot bath. I had a little spa going on in my bathroom.

-Rosemary Mint Bath Salts

-Lemon/Mint Facial Mask

-Broke Out the New Shampoo - wow It smelled so lovely

-Plucked my eyebrows

-Kicked back and read some of my book

-Lit candles

After my bath I gave myself a pedicure. I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated! It's definitely what I needed!

I need to do that more often!

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