Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I’ve always been one to have premonitions, dreams, insight into the future. Nothing major, just little things that make me thing before taking another action. I used to have them when I was younger but no one really paid any attention to them, until they became a bit more obvious.

The morning that my dad passed away in 2005 I vividly recall having a dream about him. It was a dream where I felt that was actually taking place, instead of simply just being a dream. He had come to my house to tell me that he was sorry for not being there and that he loved me, however he never had known how to show me before. I remember after him saying this statement, my cell phone ringing. It was 7 am. It was my half sister, in a groggy state I ignored the call not wanting to miss what my dad had left to say to me. It was then that I heard I had a voice mail, and it was my half sister calling to tell me he had just passed away. I sat up in bed and was breathing extremely hard trying to make sense of what just happened and if I had really been dreaming. I called my mom whom was at work, and she rushed home. I told her what I had dreamed and she told me that she believed that he had come to say good bye to me.

The other day J and I were driving to a birthday party for his niece. While we were driving we passed a golf course that my dad used to take me to when I was younger. As we passed a song came on the radio that reminded me SO much of him, one that I’ve always affiliated with his memory. I had my sunglasses on hiding the tears that welled up in my eyes.

In that moment all I could do was smile through the tears, in the thought of him watching down over me.

~Peace & Love~

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Kimbirdy said...

wow, what a powerful experience. what happens after death has always fascinated me, because there are so many thoughts/beliefs and none of us know until we're at that step in life. but a psych professor told us that she helps clients at the end of life stage choose several signs that only they and their loved ones know {a different sign for each loved one}, so that no matter what their beliefs, they can stay connected without wondering if it was a coincidence. i love that thought and it sounds very much like you and your dad have a meaningful way to stay connected even now. that's so beautiful!