Friday, June 10, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

1. This weekend I'm going to the Beer Cheese Festival with J and hopefully spend lots of time outdoors!

2. My last vacation was last September when I went to Florida to visit my grandmother. I need a vacation, desperately!

3. My next vacation will be I have no idea? I have nothing planned yet. I would settle right now for a weekend roadtrip! I just need to get away!

4. My favorite way to relax is spending some time at the lake. Quiet time at home. Or anything outdoors.

5. When vacationing one should always roll with the punches and not plan every single second of your day!

6. When vacationing one should never worry about what you eat! It’s a vacation, it doesn’t matter right?

7. The best part about a vacation is how it refreshes your mind, body, & soul! It’s amazing!


Destiny said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Beer cheese festival! holy shit, you have to have beer for meee! lol

kimbirdy said...

i could totally use a vacation too! we have a wedding coming up in seattle this july, and another one in the woods of northern california in september. i just started a new job, so i'm not sure if i can go yet, but i'm hoping and dreaming!

Lauren said...

Hope you find your vacation SOON!
Thanks for the blog comment! :)

Anonymous said...

beer and cheese fest sounds good! definitely not a fan of a super structured vacation, i think that's why it's called vacation so that you aren't in your normal structured life. eat, drink, sleep, repeat = vacation.