Sunday, July 10, 2011

Artsy Fartsy

Today Jon, my friend Londi, & I went to the 30th annual Craft Festival located in the town I live in. My community is one that is very artsy, somewhat liberal, and focuses on all things local and handmade. I don’t take advantage of all the Art opportunities here, I really should! This craft festival features over 120 artists from 16 states, musicians from all over the Southeast, and of course festival food! It’s located in the woods where there are hiking trails and an outdoor theater. The hiking trails are called the Pinnacles and take you to the very top of the mountain, where you can overlook the entire city. The views, I have heard are simply gorgeous.

Here are some photos from our day!


Gabby said...

Looks like a fun Sunday! :)

Margarita said...

Very pretty views!

kimbirdy said...

is that a bluegrass concert i see? i miss true bluegrass. when i moved out to CA i found a lot of people who play bluegrass because it's trendy, but just don't quite get it. having grown up in chattanooga, just outside of the smokey's, i feel very strongly about true bluegrass music. whoops, i ranted didn't i? :)