Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Be Thankful

When someone asks you to go hiking....go. Don’t complain that it’s too hot or you’re out of shape. There is someone somewhere that would love to be able to physically do this. To them heat wouldn’t be the issue.

When you go for a jog/run and you don’t think your legs will hold you another step, keep pushing. Someone out there would love to be able to do what you’re doing. Without being in pain.

When you’re required to read for work/school/etc, don’t complain. Be thankful for your eyesight and being able to complete your assignment.

When you don’t want to type up another document for your boss or write another paper for your professor, do it anyway. Be thankful you still have your limbs and are able to do this without even thinking.

When your legs are on fire pedaling up that hill on your bicycle, tell yourself that you can DO IT! There is someone out there that doesn’t have the strength to pedal up that hill. Someone that has to Velcro their foot to the pedal, but damn it they are sure going to keep trying.

If asked to go somewhere with a friend or loved one, go! Don’t say no because the house is a mess, your hair is a mess, or you’re just blah. Just go! I’m sure once you get out you’ll feel much better! There’s someone laying in a hospital bed wishing that they could just get up and spend time with a friend. Do it for them, but also for yourself.

A coworker of mine came into work this morning bitching because her husband wanted to go hiking over the weekend. Actually she’s bitched since Friday morning. I finally looked at her and said what’s the problem? Her answer, it’s too hot. It’s not fun. Why would anyone want to do that? My response, I would love to be able to go hiking. To not worry about falling flat on my face. Strategically planning out where my foot is placed at every second. So, be thankful that you’re physically able.

Sometimes we all need a reminder that someone else somewhere has it worse than we do. I know that I take things for granted at times, but it’s something I’m definitely going to work on.

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