Friday, July 15, 2011

Paying It Forward

Last night I was texting with my Aunt (my mom’s sister) while she was sending me photos of my cousin’s little boy! He is precious. He’s almost 2 now, and I’ve still yet to meet him. Sometimes I hate when family lives SO far away! My cousin C plays Major League Ball and is currently living in Pittsburgh, playing for the Pirates! Gooo Pirates!

My aunt told me that there was a baseball signed and being shipped to Kentucky from C to Kyle (The 16 year old boy I visited with cancer). I was shocked and so surprised! I told her that Kyle would be so happy I’m sure and that I hoped it would brighten his day! I told her that I’d get a picture of Kyle with the ball to send back to C, and my Aunt said that he’d love that! I can’t wait to see Kyle’s face, especially since he’s originally from Pennsylvania!

C and his wife K are involved with the Make A Wish Foundation which is an organization that grants wishes to terminally ill children, a great organization! Please check it out! Apparently K texted my Aunt and told her that the reason that they are doing this is because of me, of all that I went through and overcame, and they want to pay their blessings forward. How amazing! I just want to give them both a HUGE hug! Apparently C & K have met a young girl “R” through the Make A Wish Foundation. She has beat Leukemia twice, and then lost her mother to breast cancer and her father was killed in a tragic car accident, how horrific! R is living with her aunt and they don’t have much at all, and R is fixing to start college in the fall. My cousin and his wife have taken it upon themselves to help this family out. K has bought this young girl all the things for her dorm room, stuff for school, and then some personal gifts as well. R has NO idea that they have done this for her, and they will be presenting her with all of the gifts next Saturday. My cousin is SO excited he can hardly wait!

I’m so PROUD of them for doing this! I think it’s amazing! Hearing this “good deed” story last night from one of my own flesh & blood made me kick myself in the ass and realize that I’m really lucky for all that I do have!

Happy Friday!

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kimbirdy said...

oh that's really beautiful. it warms my heart to hear things like this. there IS good in the world!