Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

How are you spending your Sunday? I hope that it's relaxing, isn't that what Sundays are meant to be for? A day to spend as your heart wishes!

Jon and I slept in this morning and he ran to the grocery to get some items to make us breakfast. A portabello mushroom & ham omlet for me, with of course, a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Source: via Tamlin on Pinterest

After our breakfast I did a bit of cleaning around the apartment. Jon worked on a project for our apartment that needed to be finished, so thankful! I really despise cleaning, however there are times when I just get in the mood. Weird, huh? Do you ever get that way?

Source: via Julia on Pinterest

Now I'm enjoying some quiet moments. Jon is taking a nap. I'm listening to Pandora while blogging and watching the Pittsburgh Pirates game! Go Pirates!!! Oh, and of course surfing Pinterest. I'm addicted! It's official!

What are your doing today? 


Clare B said...

Pretty good multi-tasking - football, music, pinterest and blogging. I'm impressed. I spent my Sunday taking an afternoon nap with the rain coming down on the roof.

Luisa Rodríguez said...

It's not that I enjoy cleaning (Cause I really do hate it. Intensely.), but I actually get feel awesome about the aftermath of cleaning.. (no kidding - the smell of a clean house with scented candles while my butt is resting on the sofa is priceless).

And about the coffee. I loooove coffee - I must admit though, that I have recently discovered the wonderful world of new tasty tea flavors!

Claire said...

I totally get that way. I usually clean when I'm pissed off or stressed and it calms me down. Very weird but it works!