Friday, September 2, 2011



I’m not sure where this week has gone, nor how I managed to float through without really feeling as if I accomplished one single thing. Weird, isn’t it? I feel that this week has been a total blur, one that left me feeling drained, emotionally & mentally. I hate this feeling. That feeling. I’ve not been myself, and I don’t like the person I have been. I’ve been cranky, emotional, bitter, upset, and feeling lost in this world that I’m living. I’m happy that the weekend is upon us, and am hoping that 3 days off from work will be the refreshing rejuvenation that I need!

With that being said, I wanted to write a “Thankful Post” to remind me of all the wonderful things/people that I have in my life!

  • Jon. He has been supportive of me this week, given me my space when he doesn’t know how to handle my mood, and extra I love you’s. I’ve unfortunately been in such a funk that I really didn’t see “his actions” til now.
  • My Nana. I talked to her this week and she just makes me giggle. She was drinking a bourbon & water (ick) and told me we would have chocolate martini’s when she got up here in a couple weeks!
  • My Nana telling me she would teach me how to knit/crochet while she’s here for the winter.
  • My inner organizing self coming out this week and accomplishing clutter!
  • That Jon and I are taking his nephew to his first baseball game tomorrow night! I hope he loves it!
  • That Jon has agreed to go on vacation with me, Florida here we come in a couple months! I can’t wait to get away!
  • That I was successful in my first attempt (by myself)  of “Canning” pickles!
  • Going out to my garden box and picking cherry tomatoes last night to have with my dinner. Such a great feeling!

Hope you have a Happy Friday!!


kimbirdy said...

i'm sorry you've had one of "those" weeks. but it's great that you were able to refocus on your gratitude, that helps. also helps - destroying something. :) i hope your weekend really is exactly what you need!

Punctuation Mark said...

sorry about the crazy week... love your positive attitude... hope you're having a lovely weekend!

Claire said...

Your nana sounds awesome! I really appreciated your thankful post, I always have a hard time focusing on the positive things when I'm down or having a hard week so you taught me a cool technique to try.

Luisa Rodríguez said...

I'm so glad you are focused on the gratitude attitude!

Everybody has a cranky week or two.. don't worry. :P

Always great to be here!

ladaisi said...

This is a beautiful post. I want to be more thankful - I think from thankfulness comes contentedness, and we forget about all that materialism and self-pity. I may have to borrow this post idea. ;)