Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful Days # 7 - 9

Thankful Day #7 - 

I am thankful for the beautiful weather! Sunshine and temperatures in the mid 60's for November, definitely will take that any day! That's just one less day of snow, right?

Thankful Day #8 - 

I'm thankful for my friends! I don't have a big group of friends, it's actually quite small. However, the close friends that I do have are amazing and wonderful, and without them sometimes I'm not sure how I would make it! I love the moments we share together, especially the moments that no one else would "get" except us :).

Thankful Day #9 - 

Today I'm thankful for a job that helps me live each day with no financial worries. Sure, I don't live a lavish lifestyle but I'm thankful for being able to afford the basic necessities in life to survive. It's not a job that I love, but I have to be happy that I have one when so many people in this country are desperately searching for work.

I wish my desk looked like this! So charming :)


Cranberry Morning said...

I was commenting to my husband just yesterday how thankful I am that we've gotten this far into November without snow. Every day without snow is a blessing! One year it was December 13 before it snowed. We can always hope. :-)

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

amen!! we finally have a beautiful sunny (and cool) day here too. love it!!