Monday, December 19, 2011

Craziness of Christmas

Please tell me I’m not the only one that isn’t completely feeling Christmas this year? Maybe it’s the weather, it’s in the 50’s today. They said on the news this morning that last year at this date, we had already had 8” + of snow, and this year we’ve barely had a trace. Now mind you, I am not complaining! Snow and I, well we don’t jive. Especially when I have somewhere to be. If I can stay indoors and admire it from my couch, then it’s beautiful and peaceful.

My Christmas shopping, well it’s finished. I just have to pick one thing up tonight and then I’m done! Jon on the other hand, he’s no where close. Eeek! That poor man, I hope his stress and frenzy don’t drop onto me, but somehow I know that they will! I’ve attempted to wrap most of the presents, still have a few more left to do.

Tomorrow night my friend Londi & I are going to get our hair cut and then out to dinner, which will be nice. Not too stressful, and just some girl time!

Wednesday, my Nana, Mom, & I will go to a Christmas Light Display, and I’m trying hard to convince Jon to go as well. I really don’t feel up to going as I’ve been to this display a million times, but my Nana has never been and well I had a free ticket. So, there we go.

Thursday, I suppose I need to go get my Nana and take her Christmas shopping for my mom, as she probably hasn’t had a chance to do that yet.

Saturday we will have Christmas with Jon’s family. I hope we will have some time to relax Saturday afternoon, that would be nice.

Sunday, Jon and I will do Christmas at home. We then will go to my mom’s and do Christmas there and then afterward we will go to my Godparents and do Christmas there.
I’m exhausted already!

Thankfully, I have Monday off work to hopefully try and recoup! I think I’ll need it. Poor Jon on the other hand will have to work. Maybe I’ll take him lunch.

I thought the holidays were supposed to be relaxing and time spent with loved ones, I hate the craziness of running around. It’s different trying to mesh two different individuals families and Christmas traditions together, something I’m still getting used to. Although, I do enjoy being a part of a big family during Christmas (Jon’s), because I’ve never participated in such before. My family is very small, so it’s a different world for me. One that I am still getting used to, but enjoying. That’s all that matters, right?


meghan said...

Oh weather? Yeah, don't judge that to put you in the spirit. I'm sitting here on an 80* day insisting that I'll be wearing boots to go to an outting with girlfriends tonight. I definitely am having to readjust my definition of Christmas-time. One of the things I've done to alleviate the running around is a lot of online shopping! With all of these sales and free shipping it was hard to leave the house. The malls are insane! But I definitely am not looking forward to the long drive up to Tennessee on Wednesday or Thursday.

wheatgerm said...

Have a great Christmas

Nicole said...

Christmas & I are not on the same page at all! & that makes me so sad because I love Christmas! Just with the wedding & honeymoon I haven't had the time to enjoy it AND the forecast for that day? 76! lol