Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Saturday!

Good Saturday morning to ya! It's been a while, hasn't it? 
My new job has kept me so busy, but I really LOVE it! I never thought I would enjoy going to work again, and I do! It's so refreshing! I love feeling productive not to mention challenged again! The people I work with are great, and there is constant laughter in my office all day long! It's so weird to me for people to come up to me and say Good Morning, How are you, or just a simple hello! Even the students ask, how is your day going? Hello! and etc. Wow! I love it!
I also work with my best friend, Londi, and it's great! She's my "boss" I guess you could say, but she doesn't come off that way and it's not gotten in the middle of our friendship which I love. Last night, Londi, my mom, and I went out for Mexican and margaritas. The margaritas are $1.99 at this local Mexican joint we frequent often, and last night they were pure tequila! Yikes! Londi and I finished off a plate of chicken nachos before my mom joined us, and then we both ate our dinner. Let's just say that there are a lot of leftovers in the fridge this morning! So fun though!
Today, Londi & I are going to our Candle Outlet to stock up on candles! This place sells the big jar candles for $1 each!!! That's a steal! It's one of our favorite places! We talked about going to see a movie later this afternoon, we were thinking about seeing "We Bought A Zoo", have any of you seen it? How is it? 
Jon has gone camping this weekend. There is snow on the ground and in the teens, I wonder how frozen he will be!? He went on this trip last year and it was a mountain man/survival camping trip, and they only lasted one night. He's supposed to come home tomorrow morning, hope he's not frozen! 
Also, tomorrow is Jon's birthday! He will be 27 years old! :) I HAVE to go get him a gift today, and I'm absolutely clueless! Help!!! So that will be on the agenda this afternoon as well! I was thinking about baking him cupcakes, even though he said he didn't really want a cake. I think I will do it anyway! Just to make him feel special! :). 
Hope all of you are doing great! This post is ALL over the place! 
Oh, P.S. - I'm looking to go purchase a wireless router today, any suggestions on which brand I should get? Or does it matter? 
Happy Saturday!!

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