Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Morning

Good Morning! 
Jon & I just woke up! W went to bed at 10 last night, and slept til 11 this morning! We were both exhausted! Jon is in the kitchen cooking an omelet with venison sausage, and I'm about to go head for the coffee pot! Both my cats are sitting on either side of me this morning, as we watch the rain fall outside. The weather forecast said rain all day long, yuck! However, I shouldn't be complaining as we are having spring time weather rather than winter!
Jon's brother got to come home last night. His sternum is severely cracked, due to a momma cow charging a fence and getting him down to the point of almost killing him. Luckily he was able to scramble away. Jon's nephew is still improving, but his girlfriend has apparently taken another turn for the worse. She's back into ICU and still heavily sedated. Keep saying prayers, please. 
Jon and I are taking his other nephew "R" tonight to the Arena Motocross, it was our Christmas present to him. He's so excited! We are hopefully going to take him down to the pit beforehand so he can meet the drivers, get autographs, etc. We are also going to take him out to eat beforehand as well! It will be a full day for him, but I'm sure he will love every minute of it! His parents don't let him be a part of anything, so it's always a great pleasure to see such a HUGE smile on his face! 
**Jon just sat down with his omelet! Oh my gosh, it takes up the ENTIRE plate! Pepperoni, ham, venison sausage, cheese, eggs, and lots of spices!**
I think I will get up and go find some coffee! Happy Saturday, to all of you!


ladaisi said...

That sounds like a perfect Saturday morning minus all the family injuries! Praying for them.

Kelly said...

Sleeping in and men that cook for you is the way to live lifeee!!

So sorry about the injuries! So scary. Hoping for fast and full recoveries soon. xx

Ocean Dreams said...

Hope they're doing a bit better now and I hope this weekend is going well for you!