Sunday, February 10, 2013

What You Love

It's Sunday evening, and here I am laying in bed, reading "O", The Oprah Magazine and watching the Grammys. Am I the only one that has to be doing more than one task at a time, without getting antsy?

While reading my magazine I stumbled upon this tiny, little quiz, and thought I'd give it a whirl.

▪I could blow an entire rainy afternoon....reading magazines and watching movies.
▪When I was a kid, I used to love....spending countless hours outside. (I still love this.)
▪I've always wanted to become really good or playing an instrument! I've always wanted to be able to be an artist or a musician.
▪If I could do one thing every day of my life, it would be....capturing the sunset. I have an obsession with sunsets.
▪I can lose track of time when I'm....listening to music and writing.
▪Nothing clears my head like....a long drive through the country, with the windows down and radio turned up.
▪When I'm feeling drained, all I want to do is....sleep. Pretty simple.
▪I feel most connected to my body when I'm....listening to what it needs. A nap. A good workout. A healthy meal. A good laugh or cry.
▪In my daydreams, I imagine out west. (those dreams are coming true!)
▪I get a shot of energy when I.... Have a good workout!

Happy Sunday! If you join in on this, leave me a link so I can read:).

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