Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Courage & Happiness

I've been in Oklahoma 5 weeks, now. That's so hard to believe. Some days it seems like forever, and other days it seems just like yesterday that I left my home state of Kentucky.

Some days I wonder if I'm living a dream, and other days I wonder what the hell I'm doing. That all comes with change though, right? Everyone told me that this wouldn't be easy, and well I didn't expect it to be. Because if it was easy, then it wouldn't be worth it. But wow, I never dreamt that it would be so damn difficult. Unnecessary stress being caused by individuals that aren't happy I'm here, due to their own selfishness. Normal life stress and problems. And battling the past. Combine all of that, and boy oh boy, most of the time I don't know whether I'm coming or going.

The one thing I do have is faith. Faith that these negatives will turn into positives.  Faith that THIS is meant to be. He and I are meant to be. And faith, that we can overcome any storm that is put in our path.  Without faith, I'd be lost.

And with that being said, I found this on that lovely website Pinterest; and it is so fitting to my life right now. Maybe one day people will get it; and then again maybe they won't. This life is mine, and well my happiness and his, are number ONE!

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Kristine said...

Keep your head held high girl. Don't worry about what others say or feel because they don't matter :)