Thursday, May 30, 2013

In the Blink of an Eye

I hadn't seen him for a month. A long, enduring & painful month away from the man that I love. There were bumps,  there are bumps, and that's okay. We will get over them. One by one.

Sometimes we focus too much on the negatives in our lives, instead of looking at the positives that are facing us square in the eye. I heard a quote the other day that said, "It's easier to believe the bad than the good." Oh, how true this is. And yet, how incredibly sad that society has made us this way.

On May 20th, a devastating tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma. A mere 50 miles from where we live. We were lucky, so very lucky. The man upstairs was watching over us, and I am forever grateful. For those individuals that weren't so lucky, I ask you to pray. To help if you're able. To be thankful for what you have, because you really have no control on how quickly it can all disappear.

That day I was home alone. Joey was gone to a cattle sale, and I had stayed at home to get caught up on things here. The weather was breezy & sunny, with some clouds rolling in. A text message from a good friend asking if I was okay, made me turn on the news. And then my phone began to ring, it was Joey. His words & what I was watching on the news hit me at once, a tornado was headed our way. Joey's words still are clear in my head "Get underground & grab Ike." I'm not really sure what took over me that day, but I stayed calm, gathered the dog, a mountain dew (random, yes I know), and my cell phone and we headed to the storm cellar. Once I shut the cellar door, I was using my cell phone for light as there was no electricity down there. I sat down on the ground and started praying. I wasn't sure what to expect. As I heard the wind picking up, and hail beating on the cellar door, and the loud roars and claps of thunder, I was shaking with nerves. My fingers couldn't text fast enough to Joey, trying to keep up with him and where he was. I remember telling him to stay put. To not head my way. Until it was over. 30 minutes later I was informed he was about 25 minutes away from me, and had driven halfway to try and get home to me. He was calling his best friend trying to check on me, as I was texting his best friends wife. His best friends words were he's worried sick about you. And he's trying to get home to you. In that moment I knew he cared. The toughness that had been over him for the past month, and the shell he had been hiding in was no longer. If only for a minute. In those moments, everything that I hadn't said to him I wanted to say. I wanted to give him a hug & a kiss, and just hold on. I've never been more terrified that I was going to lose someone I loved so much.

When I told him I was scared, and he replied that he was too. When I told him I wished he was there with me, and he said he wished he was too. Him constantly calling to check on me, and driving through the storm to get to me even though I was pleading for him to stay put. It's why I love this man so much. And, well, so thankful that all of us are okay.


Eleanor Parker said...

Beautiful post, Ash! I'm so glad you're all okay and my heart goes out to the people of Oklahoma. xo

Anonymous said...

So glad you posted and that you are okay. Knew you were in Oklahoma and have been wondering about you. My thoughts and prayers remain with those rebuilding their lives. Hugs - Jasmine (ColoradoDreamin)