Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

How is it already Tuesday night? This weekend/week seems to be a blur thus far, is anyone else feeling this way? This time change is kicking me in the rear end! But, boy oh boy,  am I loving the extra hour or so of sunlight!

This weekend was a bit weird! We were slammed with another 2 feet of snow towards the end of the weekend which resulted in being off work on Thursday & Friday! Saturday I had to work but only for 4 hours, and was outta there by noon! Wahooo!

Saturday evening my mom & I met up with some friends for dinner at a local sports bar here in town. The bar reminds me of "Cheers." I LOVED that show when I was little! Our table just kept getting larger and larger, as more people just happened to come in! So much fun!

Image result for Cheers

I had this burger (Buffalo Blue Cheese) for dinner. It was heaven in my mouth! 
I put a #hashtag #FoodPorn with this photo on Instagram & that's exactly what it seemed like. Ha! I really don't get out much. Yikes! Anywho...

Of course you can't go to a sports bar, eat a delicious burger and not have a delicious beer. Now, ya'll  the name of this beer is so MUCH fun. It's from a local brewery in town, which I'm a huge supporter of  and it's so damn good!  Win, win,  in my book!

Country Boy Cougar Bait (Ha, yep you're reading that name right!)

Sunday was spent driving around house hunting which ended in dead end searches. It's becoming a bit frustrating but I'm hoping that something will come up that I fall in love with, and quickly! For now, the search still continues. Then I came home and did some cleaning and chores around the house, made dinner & relaxed for the rest of the evening! 

How was your weekend? 



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Mandie said...

Country Boy Cougar Bait?! That is hilarious! Ha, ha! & those fries, that's what got me in that pic. I want those right now! Yummy! :)

Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

Life with Lolo said...

That beer name is AWESOME and I totally agree you can't have a great burger with out a beer. Bummer about the house hunting, I know what a struggle that can be.

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm all about those crinkle fries :)

Yipee - another Kentucky girl :)