Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tuesday Talk & Weekend Recap

This weekend was busy, yet a lot of fun! So, we'll just jump right into it....shall we!?

Friday night: We were invited to hang out with a couple friends of ours for a pizza & game night. We stopped at Sonic on the way and treated ourselves to Route 44's! Cherry Coke Zero for me & Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper for him. We arrived early and had to wait on our other friend who is always "fashionably" late, as she had the pizza! Needless to say by the time she arrived, we were starving! We completely devoured 2 whole pizzas, just the 4 of us. After we finished eating, my friend Evan asked us to play Cranium. None of us had played it before,  but him, so we played the first half completely wrong because the guys were in charge of directions and neither one of them would actually read them! Once we got going us girls were losing BAD, but somehow made a comeback and beat those boys! We laughed till we cried playing this game, it was so much fun! 

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Saturday: My mom had been wanting to venture to Amish country about a hour and a half away from home for quite some time, so we decided why not finally go? My mom had mentioned this restaurant called Bread of Life,Cafe so we decided to give it a try. All I had to tell the hubby was that they had a buffet & he was in. Ha! This place was so cool! They actually were voted 2015 Best in Kentucky Winner for non franchise restaurant by Kentucky Living Magazine! Their story is nothing short of a tear jerker. Here's a brief summary: 

The story of the Bread of Life CafĂ© didn’t start with our famous, homemade rolls or our affordable prices – it actually began with one couple’s love for children.
Early in the marriage, Jerry & Sandy Tucker desperately wanted to start their family. Doctors said they had a one-in-a-million chance of having a baby. That prognosis launched a journey of adoption, two miracle, biological daughters, and a ministry giving children of all ages a place to call home over the next 40 years . . . and counting.

The food was amazing! Everything was home made even down to the dressings for your salad. To say I left there needing a pair of yoga pants was an understatement! 

After we left the cafe we ventured around Amish Country some & decided to venture our way back towards home. I mentioned that there was a new distillery called Wilderness Trail Distillery open in Danville, KY, which happened to be on our way home so we decided to stop and check it out. We arrived in the latter part of the afternoon, close to their closing time, but they were more than happy to give us a tour of their facility and do a tasting! They are still relatively brand new so they didn't have any bourbon for us to try, however we did get to try their Rum & Vodka. Here's a sneak peek, but I'll share more of our adventure there in  another post! 

After we left there we headed home for a quiet evening. The hubby & I watched a movie, Vacation, to be exact and called it an early night! 

Sunday: The hubby and I ventured up to northern Kentucky to meet a friend of ours for lunch at Hog Wild Pig Crazy BBQ place that's right next to a truck stop we used to stop at quite often. Their food is great & they are even featured in the book "Kentucky Back Road Restaurant Recipes."  I always have the pulled chicken with their mild BBQ sauce!

After we had lunch we ventured up to the farm where our friend had to load cattle later on that afternoon. He & Don stood around talking while I became friends with "Rover." He doesn't look like a Rover, does he? That's what the farmer said his name was. Ha! He was the friendliest little critter! Well, I guess he's not very little...he was pushing about 900lbs, but nonetheless! 

Until next time, Rover.....

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Audrey Louise said...

Cows are so darn cute!
We're very close to Ohio's Amish Country. I love going out there and shopping and eating and visiting wineries or ice cream parlors!
I wish we had local friends that wanted to do a game night! That sounds so fun!!

Mandie said...

That closeup of the cow is CRACKING me up! It's way too funny!

When I come to visit again, we are TOTALLY going to the Amish Country for that food - it looks AMAZING!

PS - I hate Cranium. Ha, ha!

jenn said...

the game i'm loving right now is called splendor. you should see about getting that. it's pretty cool.

that food from bread of life cafe looks delicious. :]

RockinMom said...

Oh my goodness. I don't know why but I LOVE that sweet cow nose picture. It made me smile. :)